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The comprehensive LAN storage system offers total flexibility for todays computer requirements. Each module comes complete with two adjustable shelves (500mm deep) each adjustable in 50mm increments, providing space for 21 inch monitors. Full cable management is standard on the frames, the main work surface itself is constructed from 30mm timber with post formed edge, which are 800mm deep allowing space for mousemats or extra keyboards. There is a storage facility for multiple servers. Unit is supplied as standard with retractable keyboard shelves.

Storage Units for Science in education
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Lan Furniture - Modular units

Lan Storage System

  • A 911 - 1200mm wide
  • A 913 - 1800mm wide
  • A 914* - Castor base 1200
  • A 915* - Castor base 1800
  • A 916 - Corner unit small
  • A 917 - Corner unit large
  • A 918* - Power bar rail
  • A 919* - Angled keyboard shelf
  • A 920 - Bespoke Power Block
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Millenium Range

Millennium is the rack of choice for companies that demand the very best.  Strong and stable yet highly flexible this modular rack includes all the features that even the most complex LAN could demand.

Strength and stability are at the core of Millennium LAN Systems. Modular and flexible this ergonomically designed racking solution has all the features you might expect from perhaps the worlds best LAN rack.

  • Available in 1.58, 1.08 and 0.63 metre units:

    Three sizes allow more flexibility and a cost effective answer to larger solutions. This cantilever design gives you the ability to reconfigure shelves with ease.

  • Weight loading capacity:

    Weight tested by:   Essex County Council Trading Standards Office, the 1.58 metre unit is able to carry over 3,520lbs. The 0.63 and 1.08 meter units will vary pro-rata to this loading capacity.

  • Cable management and Power panels: 

    Integral cable management within each leg section and an inbuilt cable tray at the rear of each shelving unit offers total cable control. 5 and 10 way power bars can be sighted at any height.

  • 'Easy-Glide' Keyboard drawer:

    Ergonomically designed  to sit at the correct angle for user comfort, the 'Easy-Glide' system allows secure storage when not in use.

  • Enclosure Panels:

    Optional, these doors enclose all unsightly cables and offer easy access to the rear of the unit. Can be removed for a cost effective option.

Storage Units for Science in education
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